Escharinidae Tilbrook, 2006


This family includes the genera

  1. Allotherenia
  2. Bactridium
  3. Bryopesanser
  4. Chiastosella
  5. Dightonia
  6. Escharina
  7. Herentia
  8. Hippomenella
  9. Phaeostachys
  10. Schizobathysella
  11. Taylorius
  12. Therenia
  13. Toretocheilum
[Bryopesanser latesco] [Chiastosella conservata] [Chiastosella daedala] [Dightonia inarmata]
Bryopesanser latesco Chiastosella conservata Chiastosella daedala Dightonia inarmata
[Escharina johnstoni] [Taylorius arcuatus] [Taylorius cylindratus] [Taylorius spinosus]
Escharina johnstoni Taylorius arcuatus Taylorius cylindratus Taylorius spinosus
[Taylorius waiparaensis]
Taylorius waiparaensis

Reference: Tilbrook, K. J., 2006. Cheilostomatous Bryozoa from the Solomon Islands.
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Monographs 4 (Studies in Biodiversity Number 3) 4: 1-386.

Bryopesanser pesanseris at The Bryozoans of the Pacific.

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