Gigantoporidae Bassler, 1935

The family includes the genera

  1. Aptonella: see Cosciniopsis
  2. Barbadiopsis
  3. Cosciniopsis
  4. Cylindroporella (Now in Family Lacernidae)
  5. Gephyrophora
  6. Gigantopora
  7. Hemicosciniopsis
  8. Stenopsella
Cosciniopsis lonchaea [Cosciniopsis violacea] [Gigantopora lyncoides] [Gigantopora pupa]
Cosciniopsis lonchaea Cosciniopsis violacea
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Gigantopora lyncoides
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Gigantopora pupa
(thanks to Matt Dick)
Stenopsella fenestrata
Stenopsella fenestrata

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