Terataulopocella borealis Rosso, 2002

Terataulopocella borealis is found from the Pliocene of Sicily.

Illustrations from Rosso, 2002. Reproduced by permission.

Original Description: Terataulopocella borealis Rosso, 2002
Locality: NE Sicily, Pliocene.
Holotype: PMC B8a02.02.2002; Paratype: PMC B8b02.02.2002

Reference: Rosso, Antonietta, 2002. Terataulopocella borealis gen. et sp. nov., a deep-water Pliocene lekythoporid (Bryozoa) from the Mediterranean area. Memorie di Scienze Geologiche 54: 65-72.

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