Metacleidochasma Soule, Soule & Chaney, 1991

Type species: Metacleidochasma dimorphum Soule, Soule & Chaney, 1991

This genus includes the species:

  1. Metacleidochasma dimorphum
  2. Soule, Soule & Chaney, 1991 Recent Indo-Pacific WoRMS 471723
  3. Metacleidochasma planulata
  4. (Canu & Bassler, 1929) Recent Indo-Pacific WoRMS 471724
  5. Metacleidochasma verrucosa
  6. Dick, Tilbrook & Mawatari, 2006 Recent USA Hawaii WoRMS 396596

Metacleidochasma planulata at Bryozoan collection from the Safaga Bay (North Red Sea).

[Metacleidochasma planulata] [Metacleidochasma verrucosa]
Metacleidochasma planulata
(thanks to Matt Dick)
Metacleidochasma verrucosa
(thanks to Matt Dick)
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