Bitectiporidae MacGillivray, 1895

Diagnosis: Colony encrusting or erect. Zooids with a lepralioid ascus. Frontal shield evenly pseudoporous with marginal areolae, or the pseudopores few to absent. Zooidal orifice without a lyrula, with a narrow to broad sinus, condyles present or absent. Articulated oral spines present or absent. Adventitious and vicarious avicularia present or lacking. Ovicell with endooecium and ectooecium calcified but unfused, the ectooecium with several relatively large pores. (modified from Gordon 1994, for Superfamily Smittinoidea). The double-layered ovicell is a useful character, found also in the Smittinidae, most of which have a lyrula in the orifice. Distinction between some members of the Bitectiporidae and some encrusting species of the Lanceoporidae (Parmulariidae?) appears to be based on the ovicell in the latter being constructed by the skeletal contributions from several neighbouring zooids.

This family includes the genera

  1. Bitectipora
  2. Caesiopora
  3. Schizomavella (Calvetomavella)
  4. Codonellina status in question
  5. Cribella
  6. Gemellitheca
  7. Hippomonavella
  8. Hippoporina
  9. Hippothyris
  10. Kermadecazoon
  11. Metroperiella
  12. Neodakaria
  13. Nigrapercula
  14. Parkermavella
  15. Pentapora
  16. Pseudoflustra (Now in Smittinidae)
  17. Schizomavella
  18. Schizosmittina
  19. Stephanotrema (Now in Stomachetosellidae)
  20. Suhius
[Bitectipora lineata] [Bitectipora rostrata] [Caesiopora secta] [Hippomonavella calopora]
Bitectipora lineata Bitectipora rostrata Caesiopora secta Hippomonavella calopora
[Hippomonavella formosa] [Hippomonavella praeclara] [Hippoporina americana] [Hippoporina elegans]
Hippomonavella formosa Hippomonavella praeclara Hippoporina americana Hippoporina elegans
[Hippoporina pertusa] [Hippoporina vulgaris] [Metroperiella anatina] [Nigrapercula mutabilis]
Hippoporina pertusa
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Hippoporina vulgaris
(Andrew Grischenko photo)
Metroperiella anatina
(Thanks to Dr D. Soule)
Nigrapercula mutabilis
[Parkermavella incurvata] [Parkermavella orientalis] [Parkermavella punctigera] [Pentapora fascialis]
Parkermavella incurvata
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Parkermavella orientalis
(Thanks to Matt Dick)
Parkermavella punctigera Pentapora fascialis
[Schizomavella (Calvetomavella) biancae] [Schizomavella (Calvetomavella) noronhai] [Schizomavella (Calvetomavella) paucimandibulata] [Schizomavella (Schizomavella) cerranoi]
Schizomavella (Calvetomavella) biancae Schizomavella (Calvetomavella) noronhai Schizomavella (Calvetomavella) paucimandibulata Schizomavella (Schizomavella) cerranoi
[Schizosmittina maplestonei] [Schizosmittina vitrea]
Schizosmittina maplestonei Schizosmittina vitrea

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