Catenicellidae Busk, 1852

Colonies erect, flexible, jointed, anchored by rhizoids; internodes normally of one to three autozooids, with cuticular connecting tubes. Zooid calcification typically smooth gymnocyst; frontal area may include a costal field, a group of windows, or be imperforate. Marginal kenozooids, or pore-chambers, usually with a window over a calcified gymnocyst with communication pores, sometimes elongate (vittae). Distal kenozooids may be elongate and pointed. Orifice D-shaped, or with proximal margin concave or sinuate. Central frontal pore opening to compensation space present in few species. Avicularia single or paired, disto-lateral, or absent. Brooding zooids with enlarged ovicells developed in several ways; either at a branch termination, in line with an autozooid, or as one of a group of two or three autozooids.

This family includes the genera

  1. Ahcheethamia
  2. Bryosartor
  3. Caberoides
  4. Caloporella
  5. Calpidium
  6. Catenicella
  7. Catenicellopsis See Catenicella
  8. Claviporella
  9. Cornuticella
  10. Cornuticellina
  11. Costaticella
  12. Costatimorpha
  13. Cribricellina
  14. Digenopora
  15. Ditaxipora
  16. Ditaxiporina
  17. Geminella
  18. Orthoscuticella
  19. Paracribricellina
  20. Plagiopora
  21. Pterocella
  22. Scalicella
  23. Scuticella
  24. Stenostomaria
  25. Strongylopora
  26. Strophipora
  27. Talivittaticella
  28. Terminocella
  29. Vasignyella
[Ahcheethamia corniculata] [Bryosartor sutilis] [Caberoides canaliculata] [Calpidium ornatum]
Ahcheethamia corniculata
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Bryosartor sutilis
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Caberoides canaliculata
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Calpidium ornatum
[Calpidium ponderosum] [Catenicella buskii] [Catenicella elegans] [Catenicella formosa]
Calpidium ponderosum Catenicella buskii Catenicella elegans Catenicella formosa
[Catenicella hannafordi] [Catenicella perlucens] [Catenicella ringens] [Catenicella utriculus]
Catenicella hannafordi Catenicella perlucens Catenicella ringens Catenicella utriculus
[Claviporella aurita] [Claviporella longicollis] [Cornuticellina matthewsi] [Costaticella benecostata]
Claviporella aurita Claviporella longicollis Cornuticellina matthewsi Costaticella benecostata
[Costaticella bicuspis] [Costaticella hiulca] [Costaticella latifrons] [Costaticella peltata]
Costaticella bicuspis Costaticella hiulca Costaticella latifrons Costaticella peltata
[Costaticella solida] [Costaticella species] [Costatimorpha algella] [Cribricellina rufa]
Costaticella solida Costaticella sp. Costatimorpha algella Cribricellina rufa
[Ditaxipora internodia] [Ditaxiporina septentrionalis] [Orthoscuticella fissurata] [Orthoscuticella margaritacea] [Orthoscuticella marginata] [Orthoscuticella species]
Ditaxipora internodia Ditaxiporina septentrionalis
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon)
Orthoscuticella fissurata Orthoscuticella margaritacea Orthoscuticella marginata Orthoscuticella sp.
[Plagiopora disticha] [Pterocella elongata] [Pterocella gemella] [Scalicella crystallina]
Plagiopora disticha Pterocella elongata Pterocella gemella Scalicella crystallina
[Scuticella plagiostoma] [Stenostomaria solida] [Strongylopora gracilis] [Strongylopora pulchella]
Scuticella plagiostoma Stenostomaria solida Strongylopora gracilis Strongylopora pulchella
[Strophipora harveyi] [Talivittaticella nuda] [Vasignyella otophora] [Vasignyella ovicellata]
Strophipora harveyi Talivittaticella nuda Vasignyella otophora
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Vasignyella ovicellata
(thanks to Leandro Vieira)

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Vittaticella contei (=Catenicella) - at the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce, Florida.

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