Chaperiidae Jullien, 1888

Colonies mainly as encrusting sheets, rarely as runners or erect rods. Zooids with little gymnocyst, and a narrow border of granular cryptocyst surrounding the opesia, expanding as a shelf on the proximal side in some species. A pair of calcareous plates, or occlusor laminae, are found in most forms. Spines are commonly present, either as a number of articulated spines on the distal margin of the zooid, or complexly branching spines arching over the frontal membrane (or both types). Avicularia absent, or adventitious avicularia of various types. Ovicells absent, or prominent hyperstomial or independent.

This family includes the genera:

  1. Aluis
  2. Amphiblestrella
  3. Bryochaperia
  4. Catenariopsis
  5. Chaperia
  6. Chaperiopsis
  7. Clipeochaperia
  8. Exallozoon
  9. Exostesia
  10. Hagenowinella (Now Calescharidae)
  11. Icelozoon
  12. Larnacicus
  13. Notocoryne
  14. Patsyella
  15. Pyrichaperia
[Bryochaperia spinella] [Catenariopsis morningtoniensis] [Chaperia acanthina] [Chaperia albispina]
Bryochaperia spinella Catenariopsis morningtoniensis Chaperia acanthina Chaperia albispina
[Chaperia multispinosa] [Chaperiopsis cervicornis] [Chaperiopsis multifida] [Clipeochaperia funda]
Chaperia multispinosa Chaperiopsis (Chaperiopsis) cervicornis Chaperiopsis multifida
(Thanks to B. Berning)
Chaperiopsis (Clipeochaperia) funda
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
[Clipeochaperia halli] [Exostesia didomatia] [Patsyella dentata] [Pyrichaperia pyriformis]
Chaperiopsis (Clipeochaperia) halli Exostesia didomatia
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Patsyella dentata
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Pyrichaperia pyriformis
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)

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