Conescharellinidae Levinsen, 1909

Synonyms Author
Biporidae Gregory, 1893 Reasons for rejecting Biporidae as a valid name are given in Bock & Cook (2004).

The family includes the genera

  1. Bipora
  2. Conescharellina
  3. Conescharellinopsis (Now assigned to Orbituliporidae)
  4. Crucescharellina
  5. Flabellopora
  6. Ptoboroa
  7. Sphaerulobryozoon (Now assigned to Orbituliporidae)
  8. Trochosodon
  9. Zeuglopora
[Bipora flabellaris] [Conescharellina biarmata] [Conescharellina bocki] [Conescharellina cognata] [Conescharellina diffusa]
Bipora flabellaris Conescharellina biarmata Conescharellina bocki Conescharellina cognata Conescharellina diffusa
[Conescharellina eburnea] [Conescharellina ecstasis] [Conescharellina humerus] [Conescharellina macgillivrayi]
Conescharellina eburnea Conescharellina ecstasis Conescharellina humerus Conescharellina macgillivrayi
[Conescharellina magniarmata] [Conescharellina multiarmata] [Conescharellina obscura] [Conescharellina ocellata]
Conescharellina magniarmata Conescharellina multiarmata Conescharellina obscura Conescharellina ocellata
[Conescharellina perculta] [Conescharellina plana] [Conescharellina pustulosa] [Conescharellina stellata]
Conescharellina perculta Conescharellina plana Conescharellina pustulosa Conescharellina stellata
[Crucescharellina australis] [Crucescharellina japonica] [Flabellopora elegans] [Flabellopora umbonata]
Crucescharellina australis Crucescharellina japonica
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Flabellopora elegans. Flabellopora umbonata
[Trochosodon ampulla] [Trochosodon anomalus] [Trochosodon aster] [Trochosodon asymmetricus]
Trochosodon ampulla Trochosodon anomalus Trochosodon aster Trochosodon asymmetricus
[Trochosodon diommatus] [Trochosodon fecundus] [Trochosodon praecox] [Zeuglopora lanceolata]
Trochosodon diommatus Trochosodon fecundus Trochosodon praecox Zeuglopora lanceolata

Reference: Bock, Philip E. & Cook, Patricia L., 2004. A review of Australian Conescharellinidae (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata).
Memoirs of Museum Victoria 61: 135-182.

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