Anaskopora parkeri Arnold & Cook, 1997

Anaskopora parkeri is recorded from off northeast Australia.

[Anaskopora parkeri]
Image scanned from Parker & Cook, 1997

Original description: Anaskopora parkeri Arnold & Cook, 1997.
Locality: 'Cidaris 1' Stn 42.2, off Innisfail, N. Queensland, Australia, 296-302 m.
Holotype: QM G-21282
Paratypes: QM G-21283-6; MOVF80820

Reference: Arnold, P. & Cook, P. L., 1997. Some Recent species of the genus Anaskopora Wass, 1975 (Bryozoa: Cribriomorpha) from Queensland.
Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 42: 1-11.

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