Jubellidae Reverter-Gil & Fernández-Pulpeiro, 2001

Diagnosis: Colony calcified, erect, unilaminar, attached by rhizoids that descend branches; branches jointed, dichotomous, frequent, with three or more series of zooids in each branch; lateral branching occasional. Autozooids elongate, curved; gymnocyst reduced to peripheral rim, most of surface cryptocystal. Opesia small, larger than operculum; no condyles or opesiules. Avicularia sessile. Spines, vibracula and ovicells absent. Embryos brooded in gonozooids. Javier-Souto et al, 2011

The family includes the single genus Jubella

[Jubella enucleata]
Jubella enucleata
(thanks to Dennis Gordon and NIWA.

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