Lepraliella Levinsen, 1917

Type species: Cellepora ramulosa contigua Smitt, 1868

This genus includes the species:

  1. Lepraliella biporosa
  2. Arakawa, 1995 Neogene Pleistocene Japan WoRMS 1404537
  3. Lepraliella burdigalina
  4. Vigneaux, 1949 Neogene Miocene Burdigalian France WoRMS 1404538
  5. Lepraliella contigua
  6. (Smitt, 1868) Recent Arctic, N. Atlantic, N.Pacific WoRMS 111407
  7. Lepraliella granulata
  8. Canu & Bassler, 1929 Recent Philippines WoRMS 469939
  9. Lepraliella prolifica
  10. Canu & Bassler, 1927 Recent Hawai'i WoRMS 469940
  11. Lepraliella strophium
  12. Duvergier, 1921 Neogene Miocene Aquitanian France WoRMS 1404539
Lepraliella contigua
Lepraliella contigua
(thanks to Dennis Gordon)

Harmer notebook - entry for Lepraliella

This information is based upon various sources, but no personal knowledge. I am indebted to the late Alan Horowitz for his compilation, and to Dr. J. Pachut.
I would be grateful for corrections to, or critical reviews of this information. This is not a 'final' version (an impossible ideal), but a working document.

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