Margarettidae Harmer, 1957

Synonyms Author
Tubucellariidae Busk, 1884
Onchoporidae Busk, 1884

Diagnosis: Colony erect, nodal, well calcified, arising from an erect ancestrula and anchored by numerous rhizoids. Internodes often long and curved, formed by whorls of zooids with porous, lepralioid frontal shields, and terminal orifice with tubular peristome. Ascopore present. Avicularia absent. Brooding in peristomial ovicells with elongated peristomes. (after Harmer, 1957).

Includes the genera:

  1. Margaretta.
  2. Tubucella.
[Margaretta barbata] [Margaretta cereoides] [Margaretta triplex] [Tubucella mammillaris]
Margaretta barbata Margaretta cereoides Margaretta triplex Tubucella mammillaris
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)

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