Rhynchozoon maculosum Dick & Grischenko, 2016

Rhynchozoon maculosum is recorded from Okinawa.

[Rhynchozoon maculosum] Thanks to Matt Dick for the SEM image. Specimen from Okinawa.

Original description: Rhynchozoon maculosum Dick & Grischenko, 2016
Locality: Okinawa
Holotype: NSMT-Te 1182, NSMT-Te 1183;. Paratypes: NSMT-Te 1184, NSMT-Te 1185, NSMT-Te 1186, NSMT-Te 1187, NSMT- Te 1188, NSMT-Te 1189, NHMUK 2016.5.13.73, NHMUK 2016.5.13.74-77.

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