Nellia oculata (Busk, 1852)

Nellia oculata is recorded from the Recent of Australia and the Indo-Pacific.

This material has previously been treated here under the name of Nellia tenella. The species Nellia oculata has been considered as a junior synonym of Cellaria tenella Lamarck, 1816, and has been identified from a wide region and from fossil occurrences as far back as the Cretaceous. However, Tilbrook (2006) has considered that they may be distinct species. It is possible that the Atlantic occurrences may be a distinct species., However, Lamarck's species, recorded from "Australia", may be the same species as N. oculata.

Original description: Cellaria oculata Busk, 1852
Locality: Torres Strait

Description from Tilbrook, 2006. (PDF file)

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