Sinoflustridae Gordon, 2009

Colony solely encrusting or producing erect unilaminar or bilaminar lobes or fronds from encrusting base. Zooids elongate-oval (neanic colonies) to rectangular, with a membranous frontal wall occupying the entire frontal area. Cryptocyst narrow, usually granular, often developed more proximally and sometimes with horizontal spinous processes around the opesia; gymnocyst typically absent but may be present or vestigial in periancestrular and some neanic zooids. Some zooids aviculariform, slightly larger than autozooids, expanded distally with large mandible- like opercula. Paired kenozooids budded distolaterally just below the level of the cryptocystal shelf but projecting frontalwards, having the form of short funnels or spines, with or without branching processes. Ancestrula single, bearing distolateral kenozooids. Reproduction involves many small ova, larval form unknown. (Gordon, 2009)

This family includes the genera:

  1. Membraniporopsis
  2. Sinoflustra

Membraniporopsis bifloris Membraniporopsis tubigera Sinoflustra annae
Membraniporopsis bifloris Membraniporopsis tubigera Sinoflustra annae

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