Oanduella Männil, 1958

Type species: Oanduella bassleri Männil, 1958

This genus includes the species:

  1. Oanduella antiqua
  2. Mannil, 1958 Ordovician Sandbian-Katian Estonia WoRMS 1405866
  3. Oanduella bassleri
  4. Männil, 1958 Ordovician Sandbian-Katian Estonia WoRMS 1405867
  5. Oanduella maennili
  6. Pushkin, 1976 Ordovician Sandbian-Katian Belarus WoRMS 1405868

For Oanduella images from Estonia, go to the Institute of Geology, Talinn University of Technology and search for the genus.

Oanduella bassleri number 102-24 from Estonia, .

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