Girtyporina Morozova, 1966

Type species: Girtyporina applicata Morozova, 1966

This genus includes the species:

  1. Girtyporina applicata
  2. Morozova, 1966 Permian Kazanian Russia Russian Platform WoRMS 1403437
  3. Girtyporina asiatica
  4. Kiseleva, 1973 Permian Djulfian Russia Transcaucasus WoRMS 1403438
  5. Girtyporina crassa
  6. Morozova, 1970 Permian Djulfian Russia Transcaucasus WoRMS 1403439
  7. Girtyporina gorjunovae
  8. Sakagami & Sugimura, 2000 U. Permian Japan WoRMS 1403440
  9. Girtyporina immemorata
  10. Kiseleva, 1982 Permian Kazanian Russia Primorye WoRMS 1403441
  11. Girtyporina incrustans
  12. (Girty, 1908) Permian Kazanian USA Texas WoRMS 1411375
  13. Girtyporina lenocinata
  14. Morozova, 1970 U. Permian Russia Khabarovsk WoRMS 1403442
  15. Girtyporina mongoliensis
  16. Morozova, 1970 Permian Guadalupian Mongolia WoRMS 1403443

This information is based upon various sources, but no personal knowledge. I am indebted to the late Alan Horowitz for his compilation, to Dr. J. Pachut.
I would be grateful for corrections to, or critical reviews of this information. This is not a 'final' version (an impossible ideal), but a working document.

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