Cuffeyella Taylor & Wilson, 1996

Type species: Aulopora arachnoidea Hall, 1847

Crownoporid with encrusting colony of uniserial or narrowly multiserial branches (Taylor & Wilson, 1996).

This genus includes the species:

Cuffeyella arachnoidea (Hall, 1847) U. Ordovician (Cincinnatian) NE USA, Canada WoRMS 1372016
Taylor, Paul D. & Wilson, Mark A (1996):
Cuffeyella, a new bryozoan genus from the Late Ordovician of North America, and its bearing on the origin of the post-Paleozoic cyclostomates.
In: Bryozoans in Space and Time. (Eds: Gordon, Dennis P; Smith, Abigail M; Grant-Mackie, Jack A) NIWA, Wellington, 351-360.

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