Diaperoeciidae Canu, 1918

Type genus: Diaperoecia Canu, 1918

Included in Bassler (1953). The status of the family depends upon recognition of the type genus. The type species, D. intricaria, is poorly known. The genus and the family were defined using material from other regions, which may or may not be related to D. intricaria. Until the type species is redescribed, and compared with other species, currently assigned to this or other genera, the current status of the genus, and thus of the family, remains doubtful.

This family includes the genus Diaperoecia. Other genera placed here tentatively are:

  1. Desmediaperoecia
  2. Diaperoecia
  3. Entalophoroecia (Now in Annectocymidae)
  4. Lekythionia (Now in Plagioeciidae)
  5. Mesonopora (Now in Plagioeciidae)
  6. Nevianipora
  7. Spiritopora
  8. Ybselosoecia
Nevianipora pulcherrima
Nevianipora pulcherrima

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