Idmoneidae Busk, 1859

The family Idmoneidae has been included in the Tubuliporidae (e.g. by Bassler, 1953). More recently, it was recognised that the Jurassic type species of Idmonea was sufficiently distinct from Recent idmoneiform species to reclaim it as a valid genus, closer to the Multisparsidae. The Family Idmoneidae has been used again for some genera with Paleogene or Cretaceous representatives (Viskova, 2004).

This family includes the genera

  1. Castellia
  2. Idemonea
  3. Idmonea
  4. Lagonoecia
Reference: Viskova, L. A., 2004.
Idmoneiform Tubuliporina (Bryozoa: Stenolaemata: Morphological Features, Problems in Systematics, and New Taxa) [in Russian].
Paleontologicheskii Zhurnal 2004 (1): 43-55.

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