Plagioeciidae Canu, 1918

According to Taylor (1993), this is synonymous with the Diastoporidae, used in other accounts. Taylor prefers the Plagioeciidae, stating that "the name Diastoporidae is best avoided because of its common usage for tubuliporines lacking brooding zooids." While this emphasises the need for revision of many (most) cyclostomes, the Diastoporidae appears to be still available for genera which may be related to the type species of Diastopora, D. foliacea.

However, this is not an appropriate place to suggest changes to current systematic practice. The genera in the list below are most of those included in either of these families in past accounts - except for Diastopora and Berenicea , which is not recognisable. There are some problematic genera in this list, which should be separated into the group of "unattached" genera until they are better known (if ever).

Note: 18 October 2001. Taylor & Gordon (2001) have redescribed Liripora, assigning the genus to the Diastoporidae, also including Mesenteripora and Desmeplagioecia in that family.

Note: 30 January 2007. Taylor & McKinney (2006) included the genus Mesenteripora in the family Plagioeciidae.

Note: 19 October 2010. Gordon & Taylor (2010) observe that the family Plagioeciidae is in a major clade with the Disporellidae and Lichenoporidae, while a second major clade includes genera such as Cardioecia, Diplosolen, Frondipora, Entalophoroecia and the Horneridae. The type species of Diaperoecia is a fossil form that seems to be closer to this second clade. The families Plagioeciidae and Diaperoeciidae are therefore kept distinct. The current view is that Liripora and Desmeplagioecia are best placed in the Plagioeciidae.

This family includes the genera

  1. Bidiastopora. See Multisparsa
  2. Cardioecia
  3. Cavaria
  4. Ceata
  5. Circibipora
  6. Desmatelesia
  7. Desmeplagioecia
  8. Diastoporina (Family?)
  9. Diplosolen
  10. Discantenna
  11. Entalophoroecia. Now in Annectocymidae
  12. Eurystrotos. (Now =Oncousoecia in part)
  13. Favosipora. (Family Densiporidae)
  14. Flabellotrypa. (Family uncertain)
  15. Hyporosopora
  16. Laterotubigera. See Entalophora
  17. Lekythionia
  18. Liripora
  19. Mesenteripora
  20. Mesonopora
  21. Microecia
  22. Microeciella. Now in the Oncousoeciidae
  23. Neuquenopora
  24. Notoplagioecia. See Cardioecia
  25. Perfodiastopora
  26. Plagioecia
  27. Poroplagioecia
  28. Retelea
  29. Reticrisina
  30. Reticulipora
  31. Rhipidopora
  32. Rosacilla
  33. Rugosopora
  34. Semifascipora
  35. Semilaterotubigera
  36. Serpentipora
  37. Stathmepora
  38. Terebellaria
  39. Triplozooecia
  40. Tubigera. See Canalipora
  41. Tubigerina
  42. Wassypora
* * * Zagorsekia nodulosa
Eurystrotos compacta (?) Liripora fasciculata Plagioecia sarniensis Zagorsekia nodulosa
(Thanks to D.P. Gordon, NIWA)

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