Hexagonellidae Crockford, 1947

The family includes the genera

  1. Ceramella
  2. Coscinium
  3. Coscinotrypa
  4. Evactinopora (Referred to Evactinoporidae)
  5. Evactinostella (Referred to Evactinoporidae)
  6. Fistulamina
  7. Galtopora
  8. Glyptopora
  9. Hexagonella
  10. Meekopora
  11. Meekoporella
  12. Pakridictya
  13. Phractopora
  14. Planopora
  15. Prismopora
  16. Scalaripora
  17. Volgia
[Fistulamina lata] [Hexagonella hudlestonei] [Prismopora digitata]
Fistulamina lata Hexagonella hudlestonei Prismopora digitata

Evactinopora radiata from the Pennsylvanian of Missouri. Page by Barry Sutton. (this page has 10 specimens to choose from)
Evactinopora grandis at Paleontology and Geology of Missouri.
Prismopora triquetra at Paleontology and Geology of Missouri.

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