Revalotrypidae Goryunova, 1988

The authorship of the Family Revalotrypidae has been attrributed to either Pushkin (1987) or Goryunova (1986 or 1988). Fedorov et al (2017) consider the question and show that Goryunova (1988) is the earliest valid introduction.

The genus Revalotrypa was assigned to the Trepostomatida by Utgaard (1983). . Gorjunova & Koromyslova (2008) referred the family to the Cystoporida. Koromyslova (2011) included eight genera in the family. There are alternative views: Hinaclema, at present, is placed among the trepostomes in this arrangement.

Lioporidra and Metelipora have been placed in the Revalotrypidae with a degree of indecision!

The family includes the genera

  1. Diazipora
  2. Favicella
  3. Haplotrypa
  4. Lioporidra
  5. Lynnopora
  6. Metelipora
  7. Revalotrypa

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