Dekayia distincta Fritz, 1926

Dekayia distincta occurs in the Upper Ordovician of Ontario, Canada.

Images from: Fritz, M.A., 1982. Redescription of type specimens of species of the bryozoan genera Dekayia, Homotrypa, and Stigmatella from Upper Ordovician Rocks along Workmans's Creek, Ontario. Life Sciences Contributions, Royal Ontario Museum, 132: 1-32.

Tangential Section; Image 4.2 mm wide
Longitudinal Section; Image 4.2 mm wide
Tangential Section; Image 1.5 mm wide
Longitudinal Section; Image 2.6 mm wide

Original description: Dekayia appressa distincta Fritz, 1925.
Type Specimen: ROM 1308HR
Locality: Ordovician: Dundas Formation, Workman's Creek, Ontario


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