Teichopora Gregory, 1893

Type species: Teichopora clavata Gregory, 1893

This genus includes the species:

  1. Teichopora bugei
  2. Ziko, 1985 Paleogene Eocene Lutetian-Bartonian Egypt WoRMS 1409249
  3. Teichopora clavata
  4. Gregory, 1893 Paleogene Eocene Lutetian-Priabonian England, France WoRMS 1409250
  5. Teichopora voigti
  6. Buge, 1975 Paleogene Oligocene France WoRMS 1409251
[Teichopora clavata]
Teichopora clavata
(thanks to Dennis Gordon
and NIWA).

Harmer notebook - entry for Teichopora

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