Adeonidae Busk, 1884

Synonyms Author
ADEONELLIDAE Gregory, 1893

This family includes the genera

  1. Adeona
  2. Adeonella
  3. Adeonellopsis
  4. Anarthropora - see Exechonellidae
  5. Bracebridgia
  6. Cucullipora - family placement uncertain.
  7. Dimorphocella
  8. Kubaninella
  9. Laminopora
  10. Meniscopora
  11. Ovaticella
  12. Poristoma - probably a synonym of Bracebridgia
  13. Reptadeonella
  14. Schizostomella
  15. Smittistoma
  16. Teichopora
  17. Triporula- see Exechonellidae
  18. Trypocella - probably a synonym of Adeonellopsis

Finally, I have merged the Adeonellidae and the Adeonidae. The debate about the separation of the Adeonellidae from the Adeonidae is based upon the significance of the way in which the frontal wall of the zooid develops. The exterior morphology of zooids and the colony form are similar in the members of this group.

Reference: Lidgard, Scott, 1996.

[Small Adeona albida] [Small Adeona arborescens] [Small Adeona cellulosa] [Adeona foliifera fascialis]
Adeona albida Adeona arborescens Adeona cellulosa Adeona foliifera fascialis
[Adeona intermedia] [Adeona macrothyris] [Adeonella distenta] [Adeonella glypta]
Adeona intermedia Adeona macrothyris Adeonella distenta
(Image by Ann-Margret Amui)
Adeonella glypta
(Image by Jürgen Kaselowsky)
[Adeonella haywardii] [Adeonella lichenoides] [Adeonellopsis australis] [Adeonellopsis distoma]
Adeonella haywardii
(Image by Ann-Margret Amui)
Adeonella lichenoides Adeonellopsis australis Adeonellopsis distoma
(thanks to Björn Berning)
[Adeonellopsis foliacea] [Adeonellopsis gemina] [Adeonellopsis gracilis] [Adeonellopsis macewindui]
Adeonellopsis foliacea Adeonellopsis gemina Adeonellopsis gracilis Adeonellopsis macewindui
[Adeonellopsis minor] [Adeonellopsis obliqua] [Adeonellopsis periculosa] [Adeonellopsis portmarina]
Adeonellopsis minor Adeonellopsis obliqua Adeonellopsis periculosa Adeonellopsis portmarina
[Adeonellopsis sulcata] [Adeonellopsis tasmanensis] [Adeonellopsis wassi] [Adeonellopsis sp.]
Adeonellopsis sulcata Adeonellopsis tasmanensis Adeonellopsis wassi Adeonellopsis species
[Small Bracebridgia emendata] [Small Bracebridgia pyriformis] [Small Cucullipora tetrasticha]
Bracebridgia emendata Bracebridgia pyriformis Cucullipora tetrasticha
[Small Dimorphocella moderna] [Small Dimorphocella pyriformis] [Small Dimorphocella submersa] [Small Dimorphocella triton]
Dimorphocella moderna Dimorphocella pyriformis Dimorphocella submersa Dimorphocella triton
[Laminopora dispar] [Teichopora clavata]
Laminopora dispar Teichopora clavata
(thanks to Dennis Gordon
and NIWA).

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