Serpentipora Brood, 1976

Type species: Serpentipora parvipora Brood, 1976

The type species originally named was Plagioecia parvipora Canu 1922. Di Martino, Martha & Taylor, 2018, recognised the differences between the species seen by Brood, and that described by Canu, and provisionally define Brood's material from Madagascar as Serpentipora parvipora Brood, 1976. Plagioecia parvipora Canu 1922 remains in Plagioecia at present

This genus includes the species:

  1. Serpentipora africana
  2. Brood, 1976 Recent E. Africa WoRMS 472179
  3. Serpentipora germanica
  4. Brood, 1981 Late Cretaceous NW Europe WoRMS 1408321
  5. Serpentipora parvipora
  6. Brood, 1976 Late Cretaceous Maastrichtian Madagascar WoRMS 1408322
  7. Serpentipora rugosa
  8. Brood, 1981 Late Cretaceous Britain, Netherlands WoRMS 1408323

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