Aetea Lamouroux, 1812

Type species: Sertularia anguina Linnaeus, 1758

Synonyms Author Type Species
Aetopsis Boeck, 1862 Aetopsis elongata Boeck, 1862 =Anguinaria truncata Landsborough, 1852
Anguinaria Lamouroux, 1812 Anguinaria spatulata = Sertularia anguina Lamouroux, 1812

Description: Colony composed of uniserial chains of zooids, branching and spreading irregularly. Each zooid is made up two parts, with a lower part, usually encrusting a substrate, from which rises a erect tubular part containing the frontal membrane and operculum. The adnate part may be thin and threadlike, or expanding to a dilated zooid from small connecting tubes. The erect part of the zooid includes a cylindrical proximal zone, and a distal zone with the frontal membrane on one side, often on an expanded part of the zooid. Calcification is delicate. There are no avicularia. Embryos are brooded in external thin-walled ovisacs, which are rarely seen. (partly from Hayward & Ryland, 1998)

A few records of this genus as a fossil are based upon preserved encrusting material, which is often of doubtful affinities. The Recent material is so thinly calcified that it is difficult to imagine that specimens could be preserved as fossils, except under exceptional conditions.

Most records of Aetea are from shallow-water or midshelf, but it can occur at greater depths.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Aetea americana
  2. d'Orbigny, 1851 Recent Cuba WoRMS 469049
  3. Aetea anguina
  4. (Linnaeus, 1758) Recent Cosmopolitan WoRMS 111062
  5. Aetea arcuata
  6. Winston & Hayward, 2012 Recent Northwest Atlantic USA WoRMS 607825
  7. Aetea australis
  8. Jullien, 1888 Recent S.America, W.Australia WoRMS 469042
  9. Aetea boninensis
  10. Silén, 1941 Recent West Pacific WoRMS 466515
  11. Aetea crosslandi
  12. Waters, 1910 Recent Red Sea WoRMS 210794
  13. Aetea cultrata
  14. Vieira, Almeida & Winston, 2016 Recent West Atlantic Brazil WoRMS 872600
  15. Aetea curta
  16. Jullien, 1888 Recent South America, Australia WoRMS 469047
  17. Aetea dilatata
  18. (Busk, 1851) Recent Australia WoRMS 469043
  19. Aetea lepadiformis
  20. Waters, 1906 Recent Mediterranean WoRMS 111063
  21. Aetea ligulata
  22. Busk, 1852 Recent widespread WoRMS 111064
  23. Aetea lineata
  24. Jullien, 1882 Recent WoRMS 469048
  25. Aetea longicollis
  26. (Jullien, 1903) Recent NE Atlantic, Mediterranean WoRMS 111065
  27. Aetea paraligulata
  28. Soule, Soule & Chaney, 1995 Recent California WoRMS 469045
  29. Aetea pseudoanguina
  30. Soule, Soule & Chaney, 1995 Recent California WoRMS 469044
  31. Aetea sica
  32. (Couch, 1844) Recent Widespread WoRMS 111066
  33. Aetea truncata
  34. (Landsborough, 1852) Recent
    Miocene, Eocene
    Egypt, USA
    WoRMS 111067
[Aetea anguina] [Aetea australis] [Aetea sica]
Aetea anguina Aetea australis Aetea sica
Aetea sica - at the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce, Florida.
Aetea truncata - at the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce, Florida.

Aetea truncata - from Bryozoan collection from the Safaga Bay (North Red Sea).

Aetea anguina at APhotoMarine.

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